Join Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager

Molnix RPM is a cloud application to manage human resources, training, and work contracts. It is specifically designed to serve HR needs where speed, automation and support for a global workforce as well as global operations are key.

Revolutionary humanitarian solution

Innovative and reliable

• Personal information, everything you would find in a typical CV and more
• Contract management, from printing to managing travel and insurance globally
• Course management, for HR development needs, certifications and qualifications
• Alerts to help you find the right people in your pool quickly
• Reports that simplify your daily HR tasks
• Applicant management and application review tools
• A Dashboard to automatically check pending items and give you an overview
• Responsive design

Benefit from Rapid Personnel Manager

RPM is suited for any organization that wants to leverage the human resources in a dynamic and networked manner. As such, RPM Standard is suitable as an easy to use HR Master system for any small business, allowing to offload and automate many HR tasks. You will benefit from RPM if you are:

• Disaster and crisis management agencies and humanitarian organizations
• Staffing businesses
• Event and security management
• Freelancing agencies
• Any organization with a pool of staff in preparedness

Special offer*

Join us today and we will make sure you will start your journey smoothly with our special "RPM Jumpstart” offer**. It will cover:

Free 4-hrs onboarding session for key users
Free 5 fields migration of your existing data from spreadsheet

*Offer cannot be combined with other offers
**The offer is valid till 28.02.2021