We are always looking to grow our team with world class talent! If you feel you can help save the world with good software, business prowess, or a new way to do human resource management, read on.

If you feel you can contribute to the success of Molnix but do not find a match below, send us a message at and let us know. Add a CV, your GitHub account, link a video, or surprise us, and we will get in touch.

Current jobs

All our positions are remote – you can work from anywhere in the world. We welcome employee and self-employed (freelancer) applications.

Back-end developer (PHP, Laravel, MySQL)

Front-end developer (Vue.js)

Full-stack developer (as above)

Sales experts and sales agents (Account managers and regional agent positions)

System administrator (Ubuntu, bash, LXD, Zabbix etc.)


Molnix is always open for internships. Internships, like our jobs in general, are usually remote. The internship can relate to any of the above postings, or you can propose your own job! All internships are free but unpaid, while being tailored to the intern and include a mentor. Internships require a sending organization such as a school, employment office or work exchange program that covers insurance. Internships can be requested from

Recruitment and outsourcing agencies

Please see business opportunities instead. We will automatically discard any recruitment agencies’ and outsourcing agencies’ inquiries to postings on this page.