Support Services

Molnix does it all. From HR database migration to key personnel training. From process definition to data protection. RPM is a cloud based service which you can use with any device. When you select Molnix and RPM you can be sure that your HR master project is in good hands. We can help you optimize your HR landscape and enable you to squeeze every benefit out of RPM. Here is how to use our support.


Molnix RPM faces your end users, and we know how important it is for you to show your branding right from the start. For every enterprise customer, we adopt the full set of branding assets, from logo to domain name and color scheme.

Beyond branding, all fields, views, templates and functionality can be customized to your needs. The most common customizations are reports and widgets that are tailored for your KPI’s or daily tasks. However, customizations can be even smaller than that. For example, if your country requires the availability of a specific set of sexes, we will make it so.


Every task has its tool. Molnix RPM has powerful integration features built right in to make it fit with your other tools. There are many integrations available out of the box that do not require customizations. Thanks to the versatile framework we are utilizing, adding customized integrations is also easy. Common integration examples include salary systems, enterprise resource planning suites and communication tools. For the technical reader, most of our APIs are RESTful JSON by default, and other models can be supported through customization.


We will migrate your current database into RPM. Whether you have a list of people in a spreadsheet or a legacy application with a raw database, our engineers will convert it for you. Very often during the transition we are able to improve the data quality for your benefit. During migration we can help you to define every aspect of information based on your existing database, enabling you to manage the personnel without interruption or loss.


In order to take advantage of modern HR functions, it is important for staff to stay up to date with best practices. These practices are easy to implement within Molnix RPM. Through training your staff, we can accelerate the rate at which you are able to reach the benefits of using the system. At the same time, this minimizes the change inertia in your HR team, providing a smooth transition. Further down the line, we are able to quickly on-board your new HR team members as well as training you in the use of latest new features of Molnix RPM.

HRM consulting

HR process optimization

With a strong background in humanitarian HR, where speed if of essence, we are able to recognize common bottlenecks. Improvements can be seen both within Molnix RPM through automation and outside through HR process mapping.

Alert flow

Alerting right persons quickly is sometimes tricky. With RPM you will do it always in less than 60 seconds. The system handles the replies as well. The application process handling and user rights management is our every day life.

Skill and competency management

Human resources are an ever moving target. For an employee to stay relevant, and for and employer to stay attractive, human resource development is key. There are many ways in which Molnix RPM can support the evolution of your personnel pool. From gamification to competency renewal to education validation, we have you covered.

Powerful tagging

One of the most popular aspects of Molnix RPM is the innovative way in which it leverages tags. This is also a key aspect that differentiates Molnix RPM from the mainstream. We can show you how to create powerful categories, searches, reports, management and decision making support tools using tags.

Utilizing roles and units

Beyond tags, Molnix RPM delivers abstraction levels through which you can implement competency framework requirements and do true job description to role mapping. Building on that, units add a further layer of abstraction, giving you the power of building complete organization models that can be directly applied to your personnel pool. Molnix RPM is used to mobilize everything from small teams to complete field hospitals using these tools.

Data protection consulting

Today the data protection is more important than ever. RPM has been designed from the very beginning to be data secure. All personal data is encrypted in traffic and at rest. We can help you to achieve the latest requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation.

Roster management support

If you are in the business of preparedness and rapid response, Molnix RPM provides you with optimizing just that. At the same time, we know that the operators of such rosters often come two radically different backgrounds. Some are disaster managers or field team leaders, while others are human resource officers. If you are confident in managing operations but HR procedures are unfamiliar, or the other way around, we can be your active partner in managing your roster. Through a service agreement this allows you to focus on what you are best at and outsource the rest.

Front line support

Every so often, your end users may have questions. The email that they registered with no longer exists or you have a mandatory applicant validation by phone that your organization security guidelines requires. Answering and managing these basic requests is trivial but takes away time from you. With well established routines, we can offer this type of front line support for your end users in a very cost efficient manner.