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Control and protect your data with Molnix Nextcloud.


Molnix provides Nextcloud in three variants.

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If you are looking for accounts for yourself or your company we offer Molnix Nextcloud

If you are looking for a Nextcloud experience integrated with a virtual office, have a look at Desky - Molnix produces the Nextcloud solution included

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If you are looking for a Nextcloud instance dedicated or branded for your use, we offer Nextcloud instances as a cloud service

Molnix Nextcloud

Just 10 €/month per account

Every account comes with 100GB* of storage and the following functionality and apps:

  • File sharing both internally and publicly
    • Only pay for the used storage once – shared folders are free
    • Share by link to anyone
    • Share by email and track downloads
    • Secure file drop (upload-only folders)
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Talk
    • Video calls
    • Audio calls
    • Chat
    • Public and group calls
    • No client app required – works in browser
  • Email client
    • Add any remote email accounts
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Document editing for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations
    • Collaborative, multiple users in real time – right in your browser!
  • Web gallery
  • Audio player
  • Standard APIs
    • WebDAV
    • CalDAV
    • CardDAV

* Additional storage is available for 10 € / month per 100GB

Dedicated Nextcloud

Starting from 200 €/month

  • Fully managed instance
  • Fully managed platform (LAMP)
  • Fully managed storage – you only pay only for what you use
  • Multiple cloud sites available in several countries
  • All safeguards built right in and managed for you – backup, SSL and more
  • Apps and features according to your selection, managed by us or we give you admin rights
  • Branding and integration available