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Creating the case

While the electronics components are pretty much off the shelf, the housing is not. There is no match in existing open designs for the specific combination of modules and criteria for this project. Instead, I created a case from scratch. In this post, I present the work that went into creating the weather-proof case that will house the open security camera.

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Scoping hardware options

On the hardware side, the open security camera project would ultimately not exist if there were suitable hardware kits readily available. But, the physical device that will act as a camera had to be created. However, to the extent possible, our goal was to avoid starting from scratch. In this post, I describe the components selected and the reasoning behind it.

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The open security camera project

At Molnix, we recently faced the need to equip an area with security cameras. All of our sites up until now are managed by our providers, including security cameras. However, this new area does not have any. Before we start using the new area, we need our own security camera system. This is the start of an article series, where I describe our journey to having our own, open and trustable security camera system.

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ISPConfig shell CLI by Molnix

Following our very recent contribution of shell API examples to ISPConfig, the effort quickly grew into a full-blown command line tool for ISPConfig. I noticed the functionality we needed and the script we were building were a good fit for creating a proper CLI. With many other users in the community having expressed similar needs, I realized this was a good moment to contribute. The tool was merged to ISPConfig yesterday. We are currently asking for feedback on the tool’s current state and inviting more developers to contribute further functions. Read more “ISPConfig shell CLI by Molnix”

Molnix Nextcloud Cloud suite

Molnix Nextcloud upgraded to version 13

It has been a year since migrating to Nextcloud, and it has been a great year indeed. We are happy to announce that Molnix Nextcloud is now up to version 13. That is two major releases within a year. Despite the rapid speed of development and introduction of new features, stability has only improved since the ownCloud days. With Nextcloud 13 come several new features and improvements as well as lots of fixes. Read more “Molnix Nextcloud upgraded to version 13”

Architecture for backup proposal Backup

A proposal for a new open source backup solution

I started my first business with offering a backup solution. This was back in year 2000, using Bacula and rsync. Ever since, I have been involved in providing backup solutions, and developing extensions to them. Our current business offers both BackupPC and UrBackup. Furthermore, our ownCloud and Nextcloud services have some very nifty aspects that are applicable to backup contexts.

With the increasing focus on cloud solutions and scalability, I find there is a gap in the open source backup offerings. In this post I explore the features needed and propose a new backup solution or a goal that current solutions can evolve into. Read more “A proposal for a new open source backup solution”