Rapid Personnel Manager

Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager is a cloud application to manage human resources, training, and work contracts. It is specifically designed to serve HR needs where speed, automation and support for a global workforce as well as global operations are key.

RPM key features – (watch the video)

 Personnel information, everything you would find in a typical CV and more

Contract management, from printing to managing travel and insurance globally

Course management, for HR development needs, certifications and qualifications

Alerts to help you find the right people in your pool quickly

Reports that simplify your daily HR tasks

Applicant management and application review tools

A dashboard to automatically check pending items and give you an overview

Responsive design

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Who can benefit from Rapid Personnel Manager?

Rapid Personnel Manager is suited for any organization that wants to leverage the human resources in a dynamic and networked manner. As such, RPM Standard is suitable as an easy to use HR Master system for any small business, allowing to offload and automate many HR tasks. Extending on that, RPM Enterprise is especially geared towards customers where HR is at the forefront of operations, and whose core business relies on leveraging their network of human resources, such as:

 Disaster and crisis management agencies and humanitarian organizations

Staffing businesses

Event and security management

Freelancing agencies

Any organization with a pool of staff in preparedness

Compare offers

 0 €/month 149 €/month 849 €/month
UsersYes (max. 50, 1 admin)Yes (max. 1000, 3 admins)Yes (unlimited, 7 roles)
Help deskPaidYesYes
SLANext business daySame day or SLA
Customization and integration
Public APIsYesYes
Outbound APIsYesYes
Inbound APIsYes

Data protection and security

At Molnix, we have built our infrastructure, services and software from the ground up with a focus on privacy. In practice this means we encrypt all data both in traffic and at rest, and ensure access is limited and monitored at every turn.As an added benefit, we have created models for our customers’ use, ranging from process specifications to data protection forms and contracts. There are data breach protocols that you can adopt, as well as end-user terms that require little modifications on your side. And if you need help in deciding on your practices, we have experts available to support you.Through these, we make your transition to a GDPR compliant HR management system as easy as possible.