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Rapid Personnel Manager version 14.2 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of Rapid Personnel Manager version 14.2! This is a minor release which adds new functionality in addition to the usual improvements. An interim release 14.1 was in use with select customers, and changes in that release are included here. The features in the spotlight are “My Tag Alerts” widget for members and improvements on the tag automation. Read on for details.

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Molnix RPM mobile app to be released

Molnix RPM includes a smart alert function which we call intelligent alert. With the intelligent alert function it is possible for the roster manager to automate alert replies handling. When a roster member replies to the alert message, the replies are recorded and processed automatically. During the past months we have been developing a mobile app for roster members. One of the key functions of the app is receiving and replying to intelligent alerts. The app supports simple alerts as well as other features. In this post, we explore how the the app and¬†intelligent alerts make your life easier (and saves you on SMS costs!). Read more “Molnix RPM mobile app to be released”