Rapid Personnel Manager version 16.0 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 16.0 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of Rapid Personnel Manager version 16.0! This is a huge release – we are in a very exciting transition that brings a lot of new innovation and features to RPM! Rather than a single feature, this time there are multiple areas that deserve attention in these release notes. Read on for details.

The RPM community and Molnix deliver

The operational features of this release, have been initiated by our customers. These are listed below, with credit to each of these customers.

Under the hood, Molnix has been working on a completely new code base, leveraging the recently announced API and a new fronted. Don’t worry, we made it look super similar to the last one, only faster, smarter and overall better!

For an overview of both customer-driven and Molnix provided changes over the near future, have a look at the feature article.

And obviously, there are also the usual smaller improvements based on your feedback. Many thanks for your continued involvement!

New features since version 15.5:

  • Recruitment module (Thank you Swedish Red Cross!)
    • Hires, to create staffing requests and manage their approval
    • Positions, to open job advertisements and manage candidates
  • Process module (Thank you Swedish Red Cross!)
    • Processes, to use for applications and more
    • Phases, to define process phases (represented as kanban columns)
    • Actions, to automate your HR in the processes
  • Boards module (Thank you Swedish Red Cross!)
    • Kanban view, to interact with ongoing hires and recruitment processes
  • Manager role (Thanks to an unnamed customer!)
    • Scopes -driven role large organizations use to segment access rights
  • Automatic personnel record deletion (Thank you Finnish Red Cross!)
    • Prunes expired profiles, applications and related records based on your registry rules
  • The frontend is now enabled in production
  • The full feature API is enabled globally
  • Smaller improvements
    • Demo creation now allows for combining automatically generated and manually created/edited data
    • Optimized update routines

Read the full list of features on the product page.