Rapid Personnel Manager version 29.2 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 29.2 has been released

The release of Rapid Personnel Manager version 29.2 is now ready for your review!  This is a minor release, however, we managed to make some of improvements, along with any fixes needed. Read on for more details.

New since version 29.1:

First of all, we would like to thank you for checking this release. We spend a considerable time to specify what is new to show you that we are working hard every day to improve RPM for each new version.


  • Improved “Emergency contact” page. Now you can add a preferred language for your contact person which is intended to simplify communication process.
  • We noticed a difference between the amount of pending actions and its count. After some calculations being done, the count logic was improved.
  • From now on there will be a meaningful message “File type not supported” if file extension is not allowed in the system.
  • Did some technical magic adding rpm:clean-attachments command for an internal use. This improvement won’t be visible for you, but important for the development process.


  • RPM version was missing in some of the cases. Reason? Spacing between elements.
  • Made a few tweaks in Personnel and Deployments tags loading logic to cover more cases.
  • If you tried to delete a passport attachment recently, you could encounter an error. No errors there anymore.
  • Alerts had an issue related to adding a new position. The problem was quickly squashed as nothing should prevent alerts from being sent to the rightful owners.
  • Fixed a two-factor authentication issue which happened in the mobile app.
  • If you had a manager with no first name or surname, it broke the search on managers page. Henceforth, all cases are covered.
  • Work type could have an empty input which clattered the view. Cleaned the field.
  • Deletion of scorable model removed related tag as well. That’s a wrong behaviour which was fixed and all the data was restored.
  • Contracts and deployments search engine didn’t narrow the results when adding criteria. In the release 29.2 this flaw was fixed.
  • Microsoft Excel is very sensitive when it comes to file generation. We improved a table layout and “Export to excel” function works correctly again when opening files in MS Excel.

Keep an eye on our release notes to learn more about the changes made!