Rapid Personnel Manager version 30.8 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 30.8 has been released

Version 30.8 of Rapid Personnel Manager was released! This is a minor release, however, we managed to make some improvements, along with any fixes needed. Read on for more details.

New since version 30.7:

First of all, we would like to thank you for checking this release. We spend a considerable time to specify what is new to show you that we are working hard every day to improve RPM for each new version.


  • Added a list view for “Communication log” page. It allows users to switch between grid and list view based on their preferences and have a better overview of the content.
  • Improved “Still with us?” popup window by fixing wording and adding stability to the logout flow.
  • Improved profile photo requirements. Now users are prompt to upload passport like photos.
  • Emails sent out by the system have improved wording.
  • Improved link generation for alerts. This change won’t be visible at the first glance, but improves the flow of the system.
  • Improved grades display in filter boxes. Now if the grade’s name is too long, it’s not being displayed fully, but being truncated.


  • Fixed an issue which prevented tag automation page from being loaded correctly. It affected only the load, rather than functionality of the page.
  • Fixed an issue when user’s profile photo wasn’t loaded.
  • Fixed an issue when a user was logged out on login due to extra character in the url.
  • Fixed deletion confirmation popup window logic error. Now it allows to cancel the action in all the cases.

Keep an eye on our release notes to learn more about the changes made!