Rapid Personnel Manager version 31.0 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 31.0 has been released

Version 31.0 of Rapid Personnel Manager was released! This time we prepared a tremendous amount of new features: scopable reviewer, cornerstone integration, electronic signature system, requestable courses, and volunteer user role. We also took care of other considerable improvements and any fixes needed. Read on for more details.

New since version 30.9:

First of all, we would like to thank you for checking this release. We spend a considerable time to specify what is new to show you that we are working hard every day to improve RPM for each new version.


  • Scopable reviewer offers flexibility to the reviewer role. This feature allows more granular targeting of review tasks and helps to avoid notifying other reviewers than the ones actually expected to do the evaluation. Currently application and tag request scope types were added and more is coming in the next releases. Stay tuned not to miss these exciting updates. Thanks to unnamed customer for suggesting this feature! 
Scopable reviewers page
  • Cornerstone integration was developed in collaboration with our unnamed customer. It allows synchronising courses from their platform with the ones which are available in RPM once turned on.
Synchronisation example
  • A new user role was added in the system. The volunteer role is used to cater to volunteering-specific use cases. Like the member role, it represents being part of organization’s activities, but puts more emphasis on ease of use and engagement management. Specifically, it does not show the employment-related fields.
  • Requestable courses in their nature are similar to requestable tags. It allows requesting courses that are on-demand or that have finished and not opened anymore. In order to use the function, the course should be marked as requestable in the course information section.
Courses->Request view
  • Electronic signature system allows documents to be signed purely digitally. You can find this new feature in the newly created module “Agreements”. The documents are not connected with any of the existing contracts directly and can be used as a separate way to sign agreements between parties.
Signature in the agreements module


  • Improved calendar functionality used in the system. Now in “My schedule” you can connect an unavailability with a particular course, contract or deployment. Also, chosen people can be notified regarding the activity.
  • Added user roles checkboxes in all the required places. Some newly added were not reflected in all the places before.
  • Made improvements in a tag automation command. It’s more of a technical adjustment, but it significantly improves developer experience.
  • Added a note to prompt users to upload relevant volunteer experience on “Work experience” page. In order to activate the function, it needs to be configured in System->Defaults->Work experience requirements.
  • Made language switch improvements to ensure that translations get loaded consistently and the language choice is saved even after the user was logged out from the system.
  • Improved and expanded factories for demo, development and testing purposes, which significantly improves developer experience.
  • Combined translations file in one response, which significantly improves developer experience when adding new translations or languages.
  • Added validation for contact information page to make sure that no duplicates exist int he system.
  • Made surname and first names required fields in basic information.
  • Improved how dropdown type options are being rendered in the system in regards with the chosen system language.
  • Improved an alert print according to the alert page changes.
  • Added participants button into edit course view.
  • Improved two-factor authentication page view.
  • Added cards counts in boards. Now total cards in the process and total cards in each phase are visible from the first glance.
  • Made field customisation dropdown improvements.
  • Added cypress tests in the system, which improves issues testing before delivering features to our customers.
  • Made organizations order improvements.


  • Fixed missing “created from” data when a position is not active anymore.
  • Fixed a validation error when coordinates for addresses in work experience were missing.
  • Fixed an issue related to “Proof of life” section when saving data.
  • Fixed an issue when unavailability wasn’t rendered correctly on personnel listing page.
  • Fixed an error related to process phase count.
  • Fixed workforce unavailability colours not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when adding a target user in alerts. Now a user can be added from the first click again.
  • Fixed an issue related to SMS billing counter for January.

Keep an eye on our release notes to learn more about the changes made!