Rapid Personnel Manager version 35.0 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 35.0 has been released

Version 35.0 of Rapid Personnel Manager was released! This time we prepared several long-awaited features: cloud federation, gated alerts, tag-to-tag automation, and reviewer tag visibility. We also took care of other considerable improvements and any fixes needed. Read on for more details.

New since version 34.2:

First of all, we would like to thank you for checking this release. We spend a considerable time to specify what is new to show you that we are working hard every day to improve RPM for each new version.


  • Contact information synchronization via cloud federation. If users have profiles in different RPM instances, they can choose to link their accounts for easy management. Thanks to an unnamed customer!
Contact information synchronization view
  • Alert synchronization via cloud federation. It opens opportunities to share alerts between instances. The feature needs to be activated in System->Organizations->Cloud Federation. Once activated, you can add a desired organization in alert targets or create an alert from incoming alerts. Thanks to an unnamed customer!
System->Organizations->Cloud Federation view
  • Gated alerts. Added a possibility to approve or reject alert proposals which allows involved parties to have more visibility over ongoing missions. You can find a new feature on alert creation. Thanks to an unnamed customer!
Alert creation view
  • Reviewer tag visibility. More flexibility was added in tag configuration. Thanks to an unnamed customer!
Tag view
  • Tag-to-tag automation. Now tag assignment can be automated based on tag relations. Thank you German Red Cross!
Tag automation view


  • Improved a warning message when adding an attachment without a file.
  • Split a score action board view based on the action it belongs to.
  • Improved GatewayAPI settings page. This issue is not visible to an end user, but improve development flow.
  • Added an asterisk for current nationalities as it’s a required field.
  • Improved document name generation when extracting a file from the system.
  • Improved course participants search logic by adding more targeting options.
  • Deleted testing alerts in production environment for one of our customers.
  • Improved admin guide by adding areas of expertise information.
  • Consolidated integrations settings. This issue is not visible to an end user, but improve development flow.
  • Added validation for country and organization sections in tag automation which prevents data to be saved with no tags.


  • Fixed an alert preview response link.
  • Fixed an incorrect data display in deployment history records.
  • Fixed targets data display in newsletter edit view.
  • Fixed “Mark of honor” report tag assignment issue.
  • Fixed an error occurred when deleting a user with availabilities.
  • Fixed a typo in process action attachment message.
  • Fixed an issue related to “Send replies to me” on alert creation.
  • Fixed a display issue for “Apply information message template” in alerts when the value is empty.
  • Fixed a missing person tags search box issue on Review->Personnel page.
  • Added missing fields options on fields customization page.
  • Fixed an issue related to data display for a client user role.
  • Fixed a course excel export error related to tags.

Keep an eye on our release notes to learn more about the changes made!