Rapid Personnel Manager version 39.0 has been released

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager version 39.0 has been released

The release of Rapid Personnel Manager version 39.0 is now ready for your review!  This time we prepared the following feature: reference checks function. We also took care of other considerable improvements and any fixes needed. Read on for more details.

New since version 38.0:

First of all, we would like to thank you for checking this release. We spend a considerable time to specify what is new to show you that we are working hard every day to improve RPM for each new version.


  • Reference checks function. This is groundbreaking way to contact references straight from RPM. We provide a default template in System->Defaults. The custom one can be developed on request. Once creating a records, an admin or a manager can contact a reference person and ask him or her to fill in the form which will allow to have a better overview of candidate’s skillset. The reference data from work experience was migrated into “Reference checks”. Thanks to CARE!


  • Created an application tag automation. It allows to assign a tag to people who have an ongoing membership, position, or course application.  
  • Added a possibility to attach a casual photo in attachments.
  • Added an option to send out re-engagement emails based on tags.
  • Improved client user role application functionality. Among those are email customization improvements which can be found in System->Mails, enhanced organization dropdown, etc.
  • Added map filters. The main accent was made on allowing to visualise the data. More improvements are coming later regarding displaying people based on the listing request.
  • Added applications count into positions. It can be seen on the position card and the export itself. 


  • Fixed an issue with prefilled tags when creating a position from boards.
  • Ensured that all created people have a user profile as well.
  • Fixed an issue occurred when removing tags via a mass action. Graded tags kept a connection on the database which prevented them from being removed fully.
  • Fixed an issue related to a course applicants rendering.
  • Fixed an issue occurred for old alerts export.

Keep an eye on our release notes to learn more about the changes made!applicants listing pages8