Molnix Nextcloud upgraded to version 13

Molnix Nextcloud Cloud suite

Molnix Nextcloud upgraded to version 13

It has been a year since migrating to Nextcloud, and it has been a great year indeed. We are happy to announce that Molnix Nextcloud is now up to version 13. That is two major releases within a year. Despite the rapid speed of development and introduction of new features, stability has only improved since the ownCloud days. With Nextcloud 13 come several new features and improvements as well as lots of fixes.

Molnix Nextcloud

Notable improvements in Nextcloud 13

The most notable improvements in this Nextcloud upgrade are very visible to the user.

First up, enjoy the new Talk plugin! Talk brings audio, video and chat right into the browser. At Molnix internally, we will test this as a replacement for Skype and Google Hangouts.

Another very handy and much requested feature is to get quota notifications. We have now enabled a plugin to let you know well before you run out of space. Let us know if your needs have grown and you need more storage.

Finally, we are enjoying the improved HiDPI support on our 4K screens.

A big thanks to Nextcloud for this release!

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