Portal management for Finnish Red Cross

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Portal management for Finnish Red Cross

Recently, we created a portal management system for Finnish Red Cross. We agreed to deliver the project in less than 3 weeks in order to help Finnish Red Cross to showcase the system in Educa fair. As usual, we delivered the project in style. And most importantly, the feedback has been good.

Educa fair
Finnish Red Cross team is showcasing the work to the audience.

Helping teachers and pupils alike

The main focus of the portal is to help teachers to choose articles created by the Finnish Red Cross in order to teach their students about the risk geography and other important aspects. Teachers can also save notes in an individual article. Below, in the video link, the process of selection and ordering articles and the final article list generation have been shown.

Mobile and desktop

Nowadays no one wants a handicapped website that doesn’t scale properly on mobile devices such as iPhones or latest Android smartphones. On the other hand, a website can be accessed through larger devices and the viewports size of monitors varied. A smart design for a website that scales in various platforms and devices is the present trend. In the video below, you can see the way Red Cross Teacher portal scales across multiple devices.

Beyond responsive

A special design consideration for this portal is actually not on the mobile side but how the desktop view scales. The scaling allow for handy work flows without affecting responsiveness. Typically responsive designs sacrifice large screen functionality in order to work well on small screens. But in this case, we wanted to facilitate the multi-language work flow of the site. In order to manage this, we created a view that contains all the used languages on one editing page. The use can select the arrangement of editors that best suits their work flow. Earlier, users had to do this by opening several windows and the arrangement would be prone to glitches when switching between them, or forgetting to save one of them.