Rapid Personnel Manager available as SaaS

Rapid Personnel Manager

Rapid Personnel Manager available as SaaS

We are happy to announce the general availability of Rapid Personnel Manager (RPM) as an easy to adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package! It is now easier than ever to take full advantage of your personnel pool.

The terminology around the way staff is organized is varied. In our work, terms such as ‘rosters’, ‘personnel pools’, ‘personnel reserves’, ‘preparedness units’, and ‘networks of experts’ all have their favorites among our customers. And they all refer to a model where people are part of an organization in a stand-by manner. When the time is right, these people are called upon to become active. This is where Rapid Personnel Manager was born, as a tool to effectively manage the whole life cycle of these people’s journey with our customers.

While we come from the context of managing disaster preparedness rosters, our software has since evolved to cater a wider range of purposes. Examples of the business types that benefit from our software include:

  • Event and security management agencies, who need surge capacity for a specific event
  • Staffing companies, who manage complex networks of seconded staff and projects
  • Health and care businesses, with rosters of substituting staff in case of sickness etc.
  • Freelance agencies, going beyond commission-based brokering to instead become agile contractors
  • Volunteer organizations, who occasionally employ staff to lead projects
  • Businesses, that simply need an easy HR software in the cloud
  • and obviously still also Disaster and crisis management agencies, who need surge capacity in the event of a disaster

The packages we offer are designed for specific use cases and switching between them is simple. And if you are unsure which package is right for you, rest assured that any modules’ information that you have saved is retained even if you choose to downgrade and upgrade back later. Besides, you can always ask for all the features enabled for you a free month and try it out at no risk. Check out the details of the SaaS packages.

Best practices in HR

We will also be publishing a series of best practices in personnel pool management. These include cases with our clients as well as groundbreaking work that we have pioneered ourselves. In this series, we hope to share information that is of value to HR specialists regardless of which software they use. Stay tuned.