Molnix x Pajathon


Molnix x Pajathon

This weekend is promising for the humanitarian world. Starting today, a hackathon called Pajathon is organized in Joensuu, Finland. Teams will be having fun and competing to create the best next humanitarian solution. Naturally, Molnix is there!

Molnix delivers experience and support

As part of the organizer team, Molnix has contributed to the competition plans and is part of the panel of judges. Our goal is to share our ideas and experiences and help bring new innovation to life. We will also be presenting the examples from the world and introduce the competition criteria.

How to win

The humanitarian solutions can target a broad range of contexts: natural or man-made disasters or developing contexts. Teams’ results we be evaluated based on four groups of criteria. These are:

  1. Relevance: showing that the solution matches a real need
  2. Scale-up: ensuring that the solution can be implemented at scale
  3. Innovation: checking that the innovation is indeed new
  4. Cost-efficiency: maximizing humanitarian impact

Part of a bigger picture

Pajathon is a series of events where people get to try out their ideas, do rapid prototyping and compete for the best solution. It is hosted by Karelia University of Applied Sciences and supported by Business Finland and the EU among many others. The idea is to spark new ways of doing things, and typically placing it in a business context.

For more info, check out the event page.