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ISPConfig shell CLI by Molnix

Following our very recent contribution of shell API examples to ISPConfig, the effort quickly grew into a full-blown command line tool for ISPConfig. I noticed the functionality we needed and the script we were building were a good fit for creating a proper CLI. With many other users in the community having expressed similar needs, I realized this was a good moment to contribute. The tool was merged to ISPConfig yesterday. We are currently asking for feedback on the tool’s current state and inviting more developers to contribute further functions. Read more “ISPConfig shell CLI by Molnix”

Best Practices

How to Prevent Sexual Misconduct in Disaster Deployed Staff

The #MeToo campaign and the recent news on sexual misconduct in different organizations opened the lid on a reality that is not often spoken about in the aid community.

It has meant a hit to the reputation and donations to the humanitarian sector and a wake up call to address the failings. In the meantime, there are also many good ideas on how to remedy the situation.

As Molnix is part of this community, the circumstances drives us to ask: How can we help our customers, with our technology, prevent sexual misconduct in deployed staff and at all levels of the organization? Read more “How to Prevent Sexual Misconduct in Disaster Deployed Staff”

Rapid Personnel Manager

Explaining Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager in 85 seconds

If you are a humanitarian, manage a personnel roster, or work in crisis management, this video is for you! If you’ve seen our original pitch, you will know how Molnix came to exist. Recently, we also released an intro to Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager, which sets the context for our main product. Today, we also have an explainer that describes what Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager does 85 seconds. Here it goes: Read more “Explaining Molnix Rapid Personnel Manager in 85 seconds”

Best Practices

5 Tips for Keeping your Disaster Roster Prepared

Disaster preparedness organizations combine the desire to help with proactive action. They offer communities hope and tangible life-saving resources. Let’s face it, when you chose a career in the crisis and humanitarian response world it was because you wanted to help; you find a sense of purpose in the everyday tasks and the not-so ordinary days when a rapid response is needed. Read more “5 Tips for Keeping your Disaster Roster Prepared”